Science & Technology

According to the 2011 Spanish Association of Biotech companies report, Andalusia remains in first place in creation of biotechnology companies at the national level since 2009.

Why Spain?

Andalusia, with more than 8 Million inhabitants, is the most populated Spanish region and one of the largest in Europe. Thanks to its strategic initiatives based on innovation and strong commitment by the Andalusian Regional Government to development, Andalusia offers better business opportunities for global companies looking for new competitive locations. The region also provides a great location for undergoing innovative projects in the Science and Technology sectors.

Our Program

The main characteristics of our technology program combines:

  • A high degree of specialization
  • Demanding academic curriculum
  • Shorter programs
  • Designed for student of higher education, university degree, or postgraduate

Why Studies in Spain?

Studies in Spain has a firm commitment to promote high quality technological knowledge. We offer an ideal resource for the creation, implementation, and expansion of your student’s cross-curricular life. Opportunities for study and research abroad can deepen understanding and global perspective.

Advantages of our programs

Cost effective programs

We offer cost effective solutions for students who want the international expericence to be part of their future career.


We personalize each program to fit the core competencies of your university programs in order to enrich your institutions values.

Global competencies

We provide students with quality programs that develop Global Competences.