Social Sciences

In today’s globalized world, understanding and appreciating other political and legal systems, societies, economies and different point of views are essential elements to develop a global perspective. The global system of finance and flow of capital is influenced by economic and political power structures. Perspectives are shaped by varied belief systems which create social affiliation structures, cultural norms, and build a sense of purpose.


Why study abroad?

Studying Social Sciences in other countries offers students exactly the kinds of analytic, communication, and social intelligence that students need to make their way in the new global economy.

Why Studies in Spain?

Our program teaches a broad range of skills, as well as provides a curriculum that allows students to analyze the world, pose critical questions, acquire the evidence to answer these questions, and articulate ideas in a coherent fashion using the latest technologies of communication. As more and more jobs require post-secondary education, these skills and knowledge provide preparation to meet the challenges of the job market.

Advantages of our programs

Cost effective programs

We offer cost effective solutions for students who want the international expericence to be part of their future career.


We personalize each program to fit the core competencies of your university programs in order to enrich your institutions values.

Global competencies

We provide students with quality programs that develop Global Competences.