Speaking another language and understanding the culture, improves communication and effective working relationships across all fields of study.


Why Spanish Language

The Spanish language is the second most widely spoken language in the world and is one of the most important languages in global communication today. It’s the official language in 21 countries and 470 million people around the world speak Spanish as their native language, making it second only to Mandarine in terms of its number of natives speakers worldwide.

Why Spain?

One of the main reasons for choosing Spain (Birthplace of the Spanish Language) for your study trip is the LANGUAGE.
Spanish is one of the most-used languages among major international organizations, and its political and diplomatic influence continues to grow.

In the business world, the Spanish language provides access to a large global market and to promising, emerging economies.
Today, the Spanish language is a valuable asset, as thousands of people and companies offer services and products based on this language.

Our program provides quality education at the University of Granada. As a part of our program, we offer different levels of integration with city life and Spanish culture, giving you the most valuable learning opportunities.

Combine and level up your language studies with other foreign languages

Studies in Spain Programs are designed to allow the study of the Spanish Language in combination with other Modern Languages: English, French, Italian, German, Arabic, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Swedish.


Advantages of our programs

Cost effective programs

We offer cost-effective solutions for students who want international experience to be part of their future career.


We personalize each program to fit the core objectives of your university program, in order to enrich your institution’s values.

Global competencies

We provide students with quality programs that develop Global Perspectives.