Studies in Spain provides high quality educational programs that integrate global and international perspectives to provide students the skills to face global challenges and be competitive in the job market. We believe in global.

Studies in Spain's Programs Goals

Help students develop a global perspective

Appreciation for cultural differences, ability to understand and consider multiple perspectives, capacity for highly critical and analytical thinking, comfort with ambiguity and change, and understanding the complexity of global issues

Increase international background & knowledge

To integrate international perspectives into education through classes, shadowing, workshops, and specialized visits

Improve academic achievement

To improve academic achievement in desired subjects through educational stays in Granada, one of the cities with a longstanding academic tradition

How to interact with other colleges

To teach students how to interact with other colleges and international students (University of Granada is the leading European University in terms of receiving foreign students)

Options of specializations

To show the different options of specializations or fields to work in their future professional careers.

New Skills & Experience

To provide the students the chance to acquire new skills and stand out by having a unique work experience abroad, as well as offer life experiences in another country


Our Skills

100Over 10 years experience

100Interdisciplinary Education Staff


100International Perspectives